Another crack at an e-book cover

After some justified mockery from Sarah Wynde (in the comments on the first post) I replaced the typeface on my cover. I used a font called “Six Caps” from Font Squirrel. It’s reminiscent of Copperplate but not as clearly recognizable as Copperplate, which is a plus. The thin, elongated lines and compressed spacing add a kind of dark tension, which is why thriller and horror covers use similar fonts. I also realigned the type so it was more symmetrical:



I tried another font called “Leander,” also from Font Squirrel, which I don’t think works as well on my particular cover. I can see it working for horror covers. The worn-out typewriter with slightly skewed lines and molted edge gives this font an eerie feel. Nonetheless, it’s a little too sedate for my book.



Anyway, I’m open to feedback on the second run.


10 thoughts on “Another crack at an e-book cover

  1. I think it looks alright. Background image is lovely, title’s clear in small or large – projects feeling in it as well. The smaller text on the cover’s quite difficult to read in the first sample – at the small size – which would make that difficult for thumbnails and the like, though they come across fine on the full-blown cover size. Not as big a deal as the title coming across efficiently, of course, and as I said, that certainly did.

  2. Thanks. You’re right about the small text in the bottom corner. I’m not sure what to do about it either. It seems like the individual stories should be there. At the same time, I don’t want to block out the image. It’s a tough call.

  3. Mockery? Ouch! I certainly didn’t intend it that way. I do think these are both improvements, however. If you go with the second font, you might want to play with the size of the type, but it’s great to be able to read the names of the stories.

    1. For the record, you were very diplomatic about it. Like most folks, I write on my blog the way I speak. The downside is that my sense of humor isn’t always as evident.

      I was still on the fence over the story titles in the first version. Now with two comments saying the same thing, I guess I’ll have to get off that fence and just make them bigger.

  4. Definitely prefer the Six Caps font & I was surprised at how big an improvement it is over the first font you have. Other than that, I leave the finer points to Ms. Wyndes, who clearly knows her shit.


    1. The typeface change is dramatic. I’m still surprised no one has commented on the fact that it’s Niagara Falls at night. To me, the fact that people might recognize the landmark was my biggest hesitation in using the photograph.

      1. I noticed the Niagara Falls & recognized the landmark – didn’t think to comment on it b/c of the intense focus the discussion has had on fonts. I think the photo works, even if someone does recognize the landmark. It depicts mysterious, swirling depths, which seems to resonate with “lurking in dreams.”

  5. You’ll have more space if the individual titles of the stories are left in the book description. Also, don’t be afraid to mix font sizes.

    I made a sample–not quite the right font, but it was a quick and dirty example:

    Good luck, Robin

    1. Thanks for the mock-up. I’m staying pretty “traditional” with this cover because the stories belong to what I guess you’d call supernatural suspense. Think Ray Bradbury’s darker stories, though perhaps a bit more “metaphysical.”

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